URB-E Key Features

  • Compact Foldable Design
  • Enough power for 20 mile range (32km)
  • Top speed of 18mph (29km/h)
  • Able to charge your portable device via USB out
  • Weighs only 35lbs (15.8kg)

URB-E Pro GT Monterey Blue

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Financing available from Wells Fargo! CLICK HERE for more info. 
Inspired by our visits to the Laguna Seca Raceway for Monterey Car Week each year, the Limited Edition Monterey Blue URB-E Pro GT is the ultimate in race-inspired color creation and design.

URB-E Co-Founders Sven Etzelsberger and Grant Delgatty spent weeks working on color hues and mixes to produce the Limited Edition Monterey Blue resulting in a silky-textured finish that both refracts and shimmers based on lighting.

Like a chameleon, the Monterey Blue color mirrors its environment, producing a raspy dark glow during the night, and a tantalizing incandescence during the day. Blue, green, silver and colorful hues reflect off its surface providing unique, evolving saturation as you ride through different environments.

A one-off design that will never be repeated again, only 8 Limited Edition Monterey Blue URB-E Pro GTs have been created. Sven and Grant own two of them, with 6 remaining.

Act now as these will sell out extremely fast! Give us a call at 626-460-8113 or order here.
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