LED Light Blinder Mini Niner

$ 29.95

The URB-E is light, compact, and does significantly more than its slight profile would suggest. We have taken those traits for our general design philosophy: so when we look for great accessories to go with the URB-E, we look for products that match our own standards.

The Blinder Mini Niner, so called due to its array of 9 LEDs, is a great complement to the URB-E. These surface mounted LEDs punch well above their weight, with the 20/11 lumens for front/rear getting you seen from over (800m) away. The Blinder Mini Niner comes with an integrated reflector face for added safety, and comes in 2 different colors. With a weight of only 18 grams the light uses its tool-less attachment to securely connect to the URB-Es handlebars.

Questions? Check the URB-E FAQ