URB-E to the Polls

    Election day is rapidly approaching, and there should be no excuse not to vote! To make it easier on you, we are offering a free day of URB-E rental for use on Tuesday, November 6 so you can quickly and easily get to the polls.
    In addition, anyone using their free "URB-E to the Poll" rental can earn a whole week of free riding by tagging us @urberides on social media with a picture of their voting sticker and their ride.
    We know how inconvenient it can be to get to your polling station, but nothing should stand in the way of exercising your civic responsibility.
    Stop by the USC Mobility Hub at the Village and pick up a free rental to get yourself to your station.  Whether you’re far away at work, or too lazy to get up off your couch, taking an URB-E will eliminate the pain of transportation.
There’s no need to get on a Metro or call an Uber when you can take out an URB-E and ride for free.


    Being a California-based company with our production team located right here in Pasadena, we are grateful to all of the local institutions that have helped our company grow. There’s no better way to give back to the local community than to support our democracy! We are happy to help Southern California residents make it to their polling stations and contribute to our community and country.

Let's Ride, and vote!