URB-E + Wescom: New Financing option for SoCal Residents

URB-Es are a huge benefit to your daily commute, but finding the funds can sometimes be a little daunting. We understand that you can’t always pay for any new commuting device out of pocket, so that’s why we've partnered with a few credit options. Our newest partner is Wescom, a UCLA affiliated credit union available to anyone residing in Southern California.



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  • Rates as low as 8.90% APR*
  • Borrow from $500-$2,500 — depending on the cost of your URB-E
  • Up to 36-month term for lower, affordable, fixed monthly payments
  • Get rewarded for making on-time payments. We will lower your interst rate by 2% if you make 12 timely, consecutive payments which helps you to save money
  • Co-borrowers are welcome
  • Set up automatic payments from a Wescom account to never miss a payment



1. Pick out the URB-E model you want

2. Get an invoice from URB-E that includes the total amount needed to purchase your URB-E (including taxes) - for invoice call (626) 460-8113

3. For existing Wescom members: log in to eBranch to apply for an URB-E Loan. Select Apply for a Loan from the Menu, choose Express Online Application, and select URB-E Loan from the list of loan types and enter the total purchase amount from your invoice in the requested amount.

For non-members (or for assistance with the application): call 1-888-8WESCOM (1-888-893-7266) or visit your nearest Wescom Branch to apply.

4. Receive a decision within one business day

5. If approved, e-sign the loan documents

6. Wescom sends funds to URB-E

7. Pick up your URB-EAnd that's it!


    Wescom provides some great deals for URB-E customers in particular, including rates as low as 8.9% APR, and the option to split your payments up over a 36-month period for a more affordable payment strategy. Even more, Wescom can set up automatic payments so that way you never have to worry about missing a deadline--it’ll just go straight into your Wescom account without a thought.

    One reason that so many people love financing through Wescom is that they actually reward their borrowers when they return payments on time. If you make 12 payments on time, they will lower your interest rate by 2%, making your URB-E even more affordable.

    We highly recommend checking out Wescom as an easy, helpful way to afford your URB-E. The sooner you get your quote in, the sooner you can start riding your own foldable electric vehicle.

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