URB-E is coming to Portland!

URB-E is coming to Portland July 26th & 27th!

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Save Time and Money. Revolutionize your commute!

URB-E Saves you Time

Long car commutes eat into your time incredibly fast especially in Portland. That 15-mile commute, for example, probably takes 35 minutes in rush hour traffic. 35 minutes one way means 70 minutes a day, which adds up to almost 5 hours and 50 minutes a week. You’ve wasted half a work day sitting in traffic! We know what it feels like and it's not fun.

URB-E Saves you Money

URB-E is fully electric, and it can be charged in a regular wall outlet. That means no more paying for gas and no expensive engine maintenance. Plus, URB-E’s battery is small enough that it shouldn’t cause a significant uptick in your electricity bill.

URB-E Saves the World

We all do a lot of 0-3 miles trips in our cars throughout the week….trips to the store, the gym, meeting friends. For every trip we get into a 3000lb vehicle to move our 180lb selves from one point to another. The majority of the energy is used to move the vehicle, not moving ourselves. This is not just wasteful, but oblivious insanity. Every pound that gets moved increases the amount of energy consumed to go from here to there. And energy equals Greenhouse gases….as more energy we consume, as more CO2 gets put into this world.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh?

Our Sport Series weigh 30lbs and our Pro Series weigh 35lbs.

How fast can I go?

Our Sport Series go 14mph and our Pro Series go 18mph.

What is the range?

Our Sport Series last for 16 miles and our Pro Series last for 20 miles.

How long does it take to charge?

Our URB-Es take 3.5 hours to fully charge.

What's the weight limit on an URB-E

Our URB-Es can handle a 250lb rider with no problem.

Can I take it on the Metro?

Yes! Our URB-Es are Metro, OCTA, VVTA approved!

Any other questions?

Shoot me an email at or call us at (626)460-8113 or talk to us on Live Chat! (bottom right corner)