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UPS: Double Deliveries

UPS is increasing their efficiency by 125% using URB-E vehicles and trailers. Instead of congesting city streets, wasting gas and accumulating parking costs, the driver parks the UPS truck in a single location and uses the all-electric URB-E and URB-E Trailer to deliver quickly and safely through the neighborhood.

They cover more area in less time at lower cost, all with an electric vehicle and trailer that fold up and fit almost anywhere. It's hard to resist when the world's biggest parcel delivery company comes calling, and we're thrilled with the results!

Double your business's efficiency today. In addition to delivery services, we're also uniquely helpful to business campuses, apartment buildings, studio lots, and small-scale production companies. Get in touch above!

URB-E on Campus

For over two years, URB-E has been an official transportation partner of USC. With a convenient share program, on-campus mobility hub and even charging stations in the dormitories, URB-E makes campus transit a breeze.

In addition to being compatible with all public transit, we have an unparalleled safety record and partnerships with local credit unions. URB-E also helps reduce clutter and single-occupancy parking, as riders realize they eliminate local need for a car.

Our newest partner is UCLA, and we look forward to helping many more campuses improve transit, safety and congestion. Sign up for more info above!