URB-E Key Features

  • Ultra Compact Foldable Design
  • Enough power for 16 mile range (25.7km)
  • Top speed of 14mph (22.5km/h)
  • Fully removable battery capable with USB Type C and USB 2.0 ports
  • Weighs only 30lbs (13.6kg)

URB-E Sport GT

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Red Sport GT Model is Backordered.


Financing Available!

Financing available from Wells Fargo! Zero down! CLICK HERE for more info. 


The URB-E Sport GT

Built on our ultra lightweight compact chassis with upgraded suspension and acceleration power, URB-E Sport GT speeds through cities and easily folds up to fit on a crowded subway, bus, or in the back of an UBER .

With race car inspired pushrod suspension system and performance speed controller programmed in-house, the new URB-E Sport GT delivers comfort and torque that you can feel.

An added front vertical kickstand gives URB-E Sport GT the ability to turn into a shopping cart, making trips to the grocery store a breeze.

The new Eddy power source also comes standard in URB-E Sport GT.

Available in exclusive colors Stealth Black and Guards Red, URB-E Sport GT has an integrated bottle opener built into the frame.

Black Sport GTs will ship in approximately 2 weeks from order. Certain colors may take longer than others. Please call us at 626-460-8113 if you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions About The URB-E Sport GT

How is the URB-E Sport GT Made?

Quality is the name of the game. We hand build each URB-E Sport GT is in the USA with SAPA 6061 T6 aircraft grade extruded aluminum frame. Each URB-E Sport GT is hand assembled in Pasadena, CA before shipping directly to your doorstep.

How fast and far can the Sport GT go? How long does the battery last?

The Sport GT can go up to 14mph and travel a distance of 16 miles on a single charge.

How do you charge the Sport GT?

You can charge your URB-E almost anywhere! A charger comes included with every URB-E purchase and runs off a normal/standard 110V/220V wall outlet. Just like a computer charger!

Do I need a driving license, insurance or registration to ride an URB-E?

Nope! According to US federal regulations, URB-E is categorized as a low-speed electric bicycle and does not require a license.

Is there a warranty on my purchase?

Of course! Our priority is quality, which is why at URB-E we're proud to offer a 1 year limited warranty on all URB-E purchases.

How portable is URB-E Sport GT?

Very! URB-E collapses easily and quickly, and it’s small enough to fit comfortably in a train, bus, car trunk, closet, office, hallway, classroom–or anywhere you can imagine!

How much does it cost to ship the URB-E Sport GT?

Shipping URB-Es to the continental United States is a flat $99. International shipping and customs will vary by country. We ship to over 60 countries! Click here to see where we ship


Customize your ride! Our most popular accessories for the URB-E Sport GT

URB-E LED Headlight

URB-E Wheel Fenders (Front and Back)

URB-E Cargo Basket

Questions? Check the URB-E FAQ