URB-E Sport GT

URB-E Key Features

  • Ultra Compact Foldable Design
  • Enough power for 16 mile range (25.7km)
  • Top speed of 14mph (22.5km/h)
  • Fully removable battery capable with USB Type C and USB 2.0 ports
  • Weighs only 30lbs (13.6kg)

URB-E Sport GT

$ 1,099.00

Built on our ultra lightweight compact chassis with upgraded suspension and acceleration power, URB-E Sport GT speeds through cities and easily folds up to fit on a crowded subway, bus, or in the back of an UBER .

With race car inspired pushrod suspension system and performance speed controller programmed in-house, the new URB-E Sport GT delivers comfort and torque that you can feel.

An added front vertical kickstand gives URB-E Sport GT the ability to turn into a shopping cart, making trips to the grocery store a breeze.

The new Eddy power source also comes standard in URB-E Sport GT.

Available in exclusive colors Stealth Black and Guards Red, URB-E Sport GT has an integrated bottle opener built into the frame.

Due to high demand for URB-E Sport and URB-E Sport GT, please expect delivery around Labor Day for orders made in July. However, URB-E Pro and URB-E Pro GT are available to ship within 10 days; if you have already ordered URB-E Sport, please let us know if you'd like to upgrade and we can offer you free shipping (continental US only). We promise it'll be worth the wait though - high demand is a good thing! Please call us at 626-460-8113 if you have any questions.
Questions? Check the URB-E FAQ