URB-E Foldable Trailer Pre-Order

$ 499.00

Perfect for tailgating, urban deliveries, warehouse logistics, event production, Costco runs, replacing the golf cart, and everywhere in-between, URB-E Foldable Trailer carries your cargo over wet grass, uneven pavement, loose gravel and dirt.​

Developed in conjunction with the Long Beach Fire Department, URB-E Foldable Trailer is rugged, lightweight, easy to fold, and can carry a payload of over 300 lbs. Designed to hitch on to the back of any URB-E model, URB-E Foldable Trailer transforms into three different towing configurations: a five foot flatbed, a three quarter pallet, and an enclosed four-sided trailer.

Foldable like an accordion, our trailer is extremely compact and reduces to a footprint less than 20% its unfolded size.

Questions? Check the URB-E FAQ