LED Front Light BLINDER ARC 220

$ 69.99

URB-E sells only the highest-quality products to go along with our premium scooters. This stays true with our headlight from Knog: the commuter light that packs a serious punch. The Blinder ARC 220 has the looks and the guts to get you wherever you’re going, but still fits in your pocket. Suitable for commuting, late-night grocery runs with your URB-E, and city riding.

Pumping out 220 lumens of light the Blinder Arc 220 gives URB-E riders total visibility and freedom at night, all from a super-light, USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, integrated silicone package. Incorporating one of the latest high-intensity LUMILED LEDs, the Arc 220's elliptical beam of 16° vertical and 24º horizontal makes the light visible to motorists at over 1000m. So keep it charged with your URB-E, and don't think about it again.

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