Urbie? Urbee? Urby? | Fun Facts about URB-E's Name

Posted by Simon Caballero on

URB-E. It's unique. It's catchy. People ask us all the time what it's about. If you're wondering how the world's most compact foldable electric scooter got its name, look no further. URB-E has your answers.

URB-E comes from “Urban Electric”

urb-e foldable electric scooters brick wall pasadena ca 91106 At URBAN626, we are committed to designing innovative solutions to the pain points of urban living. We wanted a name for URB-E that was easy to remember, but also connected to our design values and goals. The a name URB-E incorporates both urban mobility and sustainability, two primary motives for designing URB-E.

It’s pronounced “er-bee”

Pronounce it like you’re reading the word “urbe.” It’s that simple.

All caps, please

urb-e foldable electric scooters logo seat We get all kinds of spellings of URB-E: urby, urbie, urbee. But we picked the official spelling of URB-E for a reason. It not only pays homage to the words from which the name was drawn, but it also has the right symmetry and balance for a product that is all about design. Urby, urbie, and urbee look fine, but when push comes to shove URB-E has the right industrial aesthetic to satisfy our perfectionist design team.

Go ahead–use it as a verb!

Girl rides URB-E electric vehicle down sidewalk in Pasadena, ca “Yeah, I URB-Ed here,” is the phrase you’re about to start hearing everywhere you go (see you later, “on fleek”). This time, though, you’re in the know before everyone else. Not only will you be talking about everywhere you URB-E, you’ll also be skipping gas and parking fees and wasting a whole lot less time getting around town. Trendy AND practical, URB-Eing is the way to go!

No, we’re not Uber

urb-e foldable electric scooters in the trunk of a car Any resemblance to the name of another transportation innovator is purely coincidental. We love Uber, especially when we can toss our URB-Es in the back of one after a long ride. But please don’t ask us to drive you home, unless you want to hop in the back of our trailer. Bonus: The word “urbe” means “city” in Spanish and Latin. We’d like to say we knew that going in, but some things you just can’t discover until you google yourself... Questions about URB-E? Call us at or email