URB-E Secret Menu | Upgrade Your URB-E

Posted by Simon Caballero on

urb-e-gunmetal-gray-redI'm going to let you in on something. California is the land of secret menus. In Los Angeles, especially, people put a lot of thought into customization (triple-shot, extra hot, soy dirty chai latte, anyone?), so it's no surprise that Southern California is the birthplace of secret menu giants like In-n-Out and Jamba Juice. At URB-E, we believe in customization, but we're also terrible at keeping great things to ourselves. So, we want to let you in on a little secret of ours, a secret even better than an In-n-Out Neapolitan Shake, and definitely better than a Gummy Bear Jamba Juice (does anyone actually drink those?). URB-E secret menu The URB-E Secret Menu was born just like all secret menus: someone had a craving, and it had to be filled. Instead of needing cheese on our french fries, though, we had a craving for zippy, powerful URB-Es in every color. BOOM. We slapped the sport-tune controller from our Black Label onto an Original Edition Arctic White and Gunmetal Gray, and the Animal Style URB-E came to life. Why Animal Style? We named our first menu item in homage to another Pasadena company that took a great thing and added an awesome, high-impact extras. Feel free to ride your Animal Style URB-E to In-N-Out for Animal Style fries and bask in the brilliance of Pasadena innovation. Why are we making our Secret Menu, well, less secret? For riders who believe in making everything their own, the URB-E Secret Menu is just as important as custom inserts and innovative accessories. We want your URB-E to fit your lifestyle perfectly, whether that means added torque, funky inserts, or a unique accessory.  Interested in ordering off the Secret Menu? Give us a call at . Have you added on to your URB-E? Share your accessory innovations with us at Who knows? Your craving just might make it on the menu!