URB-E at Caltech Earth Day

Posted by Simon Caballero on

Caltech URB-E On April 21st, the California Institute of Technology here in Pasadena hosted a Sustainable Transportation Expo in honor of Earth Week. The expo featured all kinds of cutting-edge green vehicle technologies. Among those featured were Caltech's own Sustainable Vehicle Club Racing Team's electric go-kart and fuel cell vehicles from JPL and other Southern California residents. Caltech Student on URB-E Of course, URB-E was the star of the show. Students lined up for test rides all afternoon–we couldn't get them off! The demand for URB-E was so high that we were invited back the following day for more test rides. Students who rode us on Thursday brought their friends on Friday to check out the newest innovation in sustainable transportation. While on campus, we even dropped off an URB-E for a Caltech staff member. Elite universities like Caltech are particularly exciting for us to visit because of the high density of engineering know-how. Caltech students recognized the quality of URB-E before we even opened our mouths. Their questions were insightful and their ideas got our creative juices flowing. Caltech is just a few miles from URB-E headquarters, and we're looking forward to spending more time there as we get to know their incredible students, faculty and staff. URB-E Caltech Interested in inviting URB-E to your university, college or school? Email us at or call .